1. Before practising Asanas, Vyapaka Shoaca (half bath).
  2. Do not practise Asanas in an open place.  
  3. No smoke should be allowed to enter the room.
  4. Practice Asanas on a blanket or a mat.
  5. Practice Asanas only when breath is flowing through the left nostril or both.
  6. Take Sattvika food.
  7. Do not practice Asanas on afull belly. It is prohibited for two and half to three hours after meals.
  8. After practicing, you should massage your arms, legs and entire body, especialy the joints.
  9. After the massage is finished , remain in Shavashana (corps posture) for three minutes.
  10. After practicing Asanas, it is desirable to walk in solitary place for some time.
  11. During menstruation, pregnancy and within one month of delivery , women should not practise Asanas.
  12. One should obtain an instruction from an Acaryaa to practice Asanas.